Corporate events


Escape Room

Team building activity for your company

An escape room challenge is the perfect team building activity. In an immersive environment, you and your colleagues will be working together on a number of puzzles requiring both intellect and creativity. Many puzzles are designed in a way that they cannot be solved single-handedly and, with the added time pressure, you will certainly have to work together as a team.

The challenge takes approximately one hour, after which you are welcome to stay in our sitting area for a chat and some snacks.

We accept credit or debit card only and payments are handled after you finish your challenge.

If you prefer to receive an invoice, we will need your company details. The invoice will then be delivered through e-mail or regular mail.


250 SEK/person inc VAT
18 players

Escape Room and Virtual Reality

Try the best of two worlds during your next team building activity

This package is designed for companies looking for a unique team building experience.

You will be divided into two groups. One group will work together on a challenge in a virtual reality environment, while the other group plays an escape room challenge. In virtual reality, anything is possible. You may find yourself in the middle of a battlefield, fighting off a zombie apocalypse one moment and in the next, standing in the wind on top of a skyscraper.

After approximately one hour, the groups will change activities so that everybody gets to try both.


550 SEK/person inc VAT
30-35 players